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Digital Namecard

Transform your business with our digital namecards

Name cards are an essential part of doing business. Apart from sharing your contact information, a well-designed name card should allow you to build awareness for your brand. While that may sound like a feat, it may not be so anymore.

Introducing the next generation of name cards: Digital Name Cards. Simply put, a digital name card is an electronic form of a paper name card. Being sent electronically, it allows you to share your contact information without having to meet your client.

A digital name card is eco-friendly and has no spatial limitation, allowing you to store as much information as you need, including a video, brochure and other attachments. Updating your name card has never been easier. Being hosted on the internet, you can always keep your promotional content up to date. Furthermore, your clients can conveniently save your contact information with just one tap.

Wait no further, get your interactive name card today!

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