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How To Transfer Ownership Of A Domain Name

Transferring ownership of a domain name means that you want to switch from one registrar to another. You may wish to change your registrar because you are not satisfied with the features or services that your current registrar provides, or they are highly-priced.

Whatever your reason is to transfer ownership of your domain name, do not worry as it is a relatively simple process to do so. It is also your right to transfer ownership from a registrar to another.

Initiating a domain name transfer only takes up to two hours if you take your time and stay on top of it. For security issues, it is recommended to complete the process in one sitting. Usually, the whole transfer process takes up to 5-7 business days.

4 factors to consider before choosing your new registrar
  1. Features
  2. User Friendliness
  3. Customer Support
  4. Price
Transferring from one registrar to another

The procedure for transferring to another registrar depends on which registrar your domain name is registered on now. It also varies depending on the registrar that the domain will be transferred to. But some essential steps are always required.

Essential Steps to Take:
  1. Disable WHOIS/domain privacy protection
    WHOIS/domain privacy protection is a service that will prevent people from finding your personal information as a registrant from the public.

    You have to disable your WHOIS/domain privacy protection because the new registrar will need to verify who owns the domain name. When WHOIS/domain privacy protection is enabled, the new registrar will not be able to know who owns the domain name.

  2. Ensure that your admin e-mail is up-to-date
    You have to make sure that the current registrar has your most updated e-mail so that they will be able to contact you during the transfer process. If you need to update your e-mail on your current registrar, it may delay the transfer process as it may result in a 60 days transfer lock on your domain. This is to prevent fraudulent activity.

  3. Unlock your domain’s transfer lock
    There will be a transfer lock on your domain to prevent you from accidentally transferring your domain. You have to unlock the transfer lock to start the transferring process.

  4. Get the transfer authorization code
    The transfer authorization code acts as a password and only the authentic owner of a domain name can access it. It is used by the registrar to aid in the identification of the domain name holder.

  5. Request a domain transfer
    Your new registrar will have to request a domain transfer. The authorization code mentioned in step 4 will be required for a transfer to take place.

  6. Approve the request e-mail to transfer
    When your new registrar request for a transfer, the e-mail address that is in your previous registrar will be e-mailed your new registrar. After you approve the application, the transfer process will begin.
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